I carry a concealed handgun for self-defense everywhere I am legally permitted to do so. I prepare and train for the worst. I’d like to think I am prepared to handle the typical badguy and maybe even a few of the non-typical ones. I also understand that I am most vulnerable when entering and exiting my car. This video demonstrates just how vulnerable I am and has me reconsidering my approach to combat readiness.

Bad guy comes around the corner at 0:34. The confrontation starts at 0:36. For the victim, it’s immediate.

He’s effectively ambushed.

However, he still manages to successfully defend himself with a firearm. He shoots the bad guy who then flees. Six seconds after the bad guy engages his victim, he collapses and the encounter is over.

The problem with drawing a firearm in a vehicle is not the seatbelt or the posture; it’s the cover garment. We need our cover garment to keep our handgun concealed outside the car. It’s not required in the car. You’re effectively concealed by the vehicle’s exterior.

However, keeping it in place can make our draw nearly impossible.

At the very least, I doubt I’d be able to draw and discharge in under two seconds like the victim in the video did.

While a dedicated car gun is another option, my concern of theft precludes me from storing it in a ready status when I’m not in my car.

Unholstering to secure the handgun in a dedicated vehicle holster is not desirable as the opportunity for a negligent discharge increases when we handle the firearm.

Pocket carry is an option as I could just transfer to a dedicated car carry setup. I have often kept a revolver in between the passenger seat and center console using a pocket holster. This is not desirable since I spend the majority of my time walking about in public and am most proficient with IWB or OWB at the 4:30 position. It may work in the winter when I might pocket carry in my thick overcoat.

Instead, I think the best option for me will be exposing my conceal carry handgun before entering my car.

How do you propose handing this predicament? Tell me in the comments section.