The roots of gun control are racist. Gun control has been used to disarm blacks so they would be defenseless against whites who sought to control them with violence. Historian Clayton Cramer and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership have both documented the fact well.

Now that a new generation of gun control advocates are at play, they’ve changed their tactics.

Their game is the same. They play on racial fears. They call gun rights advocates racist in an attempt to discredit efforts to restore the right to self-defense for all law-abiding citizens.

“Stand Your Ground” opposition highlights just that.

Ohio House Bill 203 contains several provisions, one of which is removal of the duty to retreat. The bill does not seek to change the other two requirements to justify lethal force in self-defense listed in The Ohio Attorney General’s Concealed Carry Handbook,

  • reasonable and honest belief of serious bodily harm and/or death, and
  • no fault in the incident.

The bill is being labeled Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” law by anti-gun groups who seek to prevent its passage. They play on the misinformation that “Stand Your Ground” was used in George Zimmerman’s defense to acquit him of a the claim is a racially motivated murder. Ignoring the fact that blacks benefit from “Stand Your Ground” in Florida at a rate nearly twice that of their share of the population, these groups like to make unsubstantiated claims that crimes against blacks largely go un-prosecuted thanks to “Stand Your Ground” laws.

They refer to HB203 and its supporters as racist.

Molly ShackOne such group is the Ohio Student Association, also known as OSA. OSA organizer Molly Shack announced in an ABC6 On Your Side Townhall that a group of people “who don’t look like that corner of the room” would be gathering at a church to march to the Ohio Statehouse in opposition to HB203. “That corner of the room” she was referring to were gun rights supporters she would later call “white supremacists.”

This author has reached out to Ms Shack for clarifying comments. She has not responded.

Molly shack calls gun rights advocates white supremacists.(click image to open it to a larger view)

OSA’s Facebook also referred to HB203 supporters as “white supremacists” until it was edited.

OSA calls us white supremacists with edits(click image to open it to a larger view)

The edits to OSA’s image occurred sometime after Princess Amira Kuevor’s comment that she didn’t know she was a “white supremacist.” Ms Kuevor, an organizer of the HB203 support rally, is black.

Amira planned HB203 support rally.(click image to open it to a larger view)

Not only does Ms Shack, a white woman, ignore that Ms Kuevor is black, she claims to help black people, “whose lives are deeply affected by injustice.” She claims to know, more than a black woman herself, what is good for black people. She marginalizes gun rights activists’ efforts as an attempt to “humanize black folks.” She insists that gun rights advocates, even black ones, are “white supremacists.”

Ms Shack and her group have organized rallies in opposition to HB203. OSA coordinated efforts to gather 10,000 signatures for a petition they delivered to Ohio legislators in opposition to HB203. And they did it all using misinformation and racially divisive scare tactics.

Who is the real racist?