This woman gets it. There isn’t much I can say here that I haven’t said before or that Jennie Cochran doesn’t say in the video. It speaks for itself.

Notice at the 2:00 mark she says that her sister’s killer was prohibited from possessing a gun. She very clearly explains that gun control didn’t work. She also points out the gun control laws these people are pushing only hurt the law-abiding.

The video description also regurgitates some of the things I have said about Moms Demand Action in the past:

“She’d be infuriated if she was here and knew that they were doing this” Jennie Cochran, sister of Jessie Doyle Cavett, sets gun control groups straight. Cavett was murdered last week by her estranged husband, and “gun safety” groups, such as Ceasefire Oregon and Moms Demand Action, were quick to pile on and use that story as an excuse to push their agenda. “They shouldn’t be using her” Cochran responds, and reveals that their whole family is pro gun.

The gun grabber groups have gone so far as to block family members on facebook from commenting on the articles.

I do however disagree with her on one point. I think there is not better home defense tool than a pump action shotgun. More on that later.