I’ve largely been mum on the circus that has been the George Zimmerman persecution.  I didn’t want to involve myself in an issue where so little common sense and application of rational logic exists. But, I seriously can’t take any more of it.

This case from the very beginning was unremarkable. From a legal standpoint, it was pretty simple. As we found out Saturday night, the Sanford Police Department had it right all along.

Yes, Zimmerman made some very poor choices. If he didn’t get out of that truck he may not have had to defend his life. And if Martin hadn’t have wanted to teach a “creepy-ass cracker” a lesson, he may not have taken a hot lead injection. Both parties made mistakes.

The takeaway we should all get from this is that the best way to win a fight is to never get into one.

But that’s not what we’re left with. Instead, we’re left with a huge mess. We’re left with the mess created by a few very vocal people who stand to gain from making what was really a clear cut instance of self-defense into something it wasn’t.

Those people used the media to frame the story. The media played their game for them and they did it well. They lied and a lot of people believed them. Even after they admitted their mistake, which I hardly find sincere, people still believed it. They omitted information and dug up irrelevant information to support a narrative. And it worked.

I am frankly surprised Zimmerman was able to get a fair trial. But, even after a jury of his peers found reasonable doubt to convict him of murder, people still believe the narrative. They believe it so much that they are willing to riot and destroy their own neighborhoods. They are willing to make public threats of violence on completely innocent people.

They are playing right into the hands of those that seek to divide us.

But they’re not the only ones. NO, SIR! The people who believe in Zimmerman’s innocence are falling for it too.

They just can’t be satisfied that Zimmerman was acquitted. They have to run around screaming “I TOLD YOU SO!” They are pointing out instances where a black person victimized a white person that were effectively ignored by the media and the race baiters. They are even openly inviting rioters to engage them in violence.

Both sides are fanning the flames of the fire. In the end it’s an inferno that will consume us all. The only people who win are the ones that started it. Because when the time comes to put it out, they will be the ones waiting with pails of water.

My fear is that those pails of water will drown our rights. We’re dealing with the aftermath of irresponsible behavior right now. The people holding the pails are calling for “reasonable restrictions” on our liberties to keep us safe from rare events like the ones in Newtown and Aurora. They’re already calling on us to honor Martin by supporting more infringements on our rights. Imagine how large their pails will be when we openly engage each other in violence.

Two families lost dearly that fateful night. However, we cannot allow the fabricated narrative to pit us against each other. If we do, we all lose.