Angie RossThis week, the little town I grew up in was struck by a horrific murder. The girl I knew as Angie Ross was found dead in her home Wednesday morning. Her live-in boyfriend is suspected of beating and stabbing her to death.

Evil exists. We are not going to legislate it away. We are not going to counsel it away. We are not going to medicate it away. It has been part of the human experience since the beginning of time and it will remain part of the human experience until we no longer exist. The fact that we will never eliminate it is a hard pill to swallow.

Unfortunately, for two little girls and the many friends that Angie’s murderer took her away from, it is a pill they must swallow. Although she lived on the same street as my best friend, I never personally knew her. A story related on her Facebook page tells of a loving, sweet woman.

I want to tell a story about Angelina Ross Lambert and its the hardest story i have ever admitted….It was six grade the picture i posted earlier everyone i mean everyone made fun of me because my family wasn’t rich except 2 people in my class Angie and Cathy Fields…i was crying on the playground one day Angie put her arm around me and said one day these peoples opinions won’t matter keep your head up always remember i like you and god is on your side…since that day i not taken crap off anyone and this story may seem stupid to some but its a beautiful memory i have of her and just thought i would share!

We may never know what transpired Wednesday morning. But we do know that evil did not require special or exotic tools to carry out its business. In the case of  Angie, the tools evil used to take her life were bare hands and a knife. Angie’s story is a tragic reminder that evil wins when it is not met with equal force.

Requiescat in pace, Angie.