• Gun Envy –  the best little gun store this side of the Mississippi!
  • Zlogonje Gun Leathers – one of my personal favorite holster makers. In my opinion, he makes the best leather holsters on the market.
  • SharkTac – another one of my favorite holster makers. In my opinion, he makes the best kydex holsters on the market
  • Comp-Tac – the last of my favorite holster makers. Comp-Tac’s hybrid holsters are in my opinion the best around. The one  I show in class is the Minotaur.
  • Flashbang – I have not personally seen one of these in action, but from what I have seen in promo materials, I do think this is a great option for females.


  • Students for Concealed Carry – Students for Concealed Carry is a student-run, national, non-partisan organization which advocates for legal concealed carry on college campuses in the United States as an effective means of self-defense.
  • Ohioans for Concealed Carry – Ohio’s premier concealed carry activist and lobbying group. Their forums are awesome! Loads of knowledgeable folks sharing. They also link to relevant sources backing up their claims more there than in any other forum I’ve ever participated in. You can find me there as dynamike.
  • Buckeye Firearms Association – Ohio’s premier gun rights group (not just concealed carry). There are loads of great articles in the main section of this site.

Great info for the ladies!

  • Falia Photography – This young lady has a great video about concealed carry outfits for women.
  • Lima life – Limatunes is a Youtube channel and blog run by a mother. She carried through her pregnancy as well and even talks about it.
  • Packing Pretty – another great website for women who want to carry

Study resources

  • 1911 Animagraf – Great visual representation of how a common semi-automatic pistol functions