Remember when you were a small child and  you believed in Santa Claus because Mom let you think he was real? How about the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy? Well, looks like a group of moms want to pull the wool over your eyes again.


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America wrote an op-ed for the Huntington Post where they bragged about the “prank call.” That’s right. They’re calling it a prank call to a United States Senator. They are bragging that Heather prank called a Senator’s office and tried to pick a fight with a staffer who likely gets paid $30,000 a year to NOT engage her.

Please before you read on, watch the video and read the op-ed. I’ll wait.

One can only assume that since they are so entrenched in this issue they know the law and what they are talking about. At least that’s what they want everyone else to believe. There are a few things wrong with the claims Heather makes in this video and the claims Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America makes on their website. I think they are purposely misleading people to push an agenda.

Heather wants us to believe that persons adjudicated mentally defective can purchase firearms because they aren’t being “subjugated to the indignation of a background check!” After all, she’s prank calling the Senator in protest. She’s misleading us.

The FBI’s NICS online brochure lists all of the factors prohibiting firearms possession and relevant statutes governing those prohibitions. You only have to scroll down to the fourth item on the list to see that a mental adjudication prohibits lawful possession of a firearm. 18 USC §922 (g) (4) states that any person who has been adjudicated mental defective or committed to a mental institution is prohibited from possessing a firearm and the entity transferring the firearm to that person is committing a federal offense by doing so.

That’s not the only lie Moms Demand Action is telling us.

The group lists the reasons it was founded on their about us page . Bullet point #4 is misleading to say the least. In it, they state that they demand action  to “make gun trafficking a federal crime with serious criminal penalties.”

The act of transferring firearms to someone who is otherwise prohibited from possessing them is already illegal under federal statues. Transferring across state lines without a background check is also illegal. 18 USC §922 and 27 CFR 478 both address gun trafficking, although they don’t name the crime as such. The ATF’s webpage on unlicensed persons explains USC and CFR in a way that’s easy to understand.

Shannon WattsBut wait… there’s more!

The President makes a claim that Ms Watts and her crew parrot. They tell us that nine out of ten Americans support universal background checks. Why then aren’t we mad as hell?

Because the 90% claim is a lie.

The fact is that support for more strict gun control has been trending down since 1990. Gun ownership is the highest it’s been in twenty years, with 47% of Americans reporting they own at least one gun.  Even after Tuscon, a Gallup poll found that in general we opposed stricter gun control. It wasn’t until last year that support for stronger gun control began trending back up.

Maybe more people are starting to believe the fairy tale that is this gun control utopia, just like when we all believed in Santa Claus. Santa Claus was all fun and games and when we finally learned the truth we didn’t look unfavorably on mom. Gun control is life or death and we may die before the truth sets us free.