Me, my bobber, and one of my favorite shirts!

Me, my bobber,
and one of my favorite shirts!

Or, more appropriately, my outlook on life.

I don’t want to be presumptuous and say I’m some sorta hard core biker. I’ve been called that before, but professing it kinda makes it not true. I’ll just let you be the judge.

I also can’t speak for all people that would fit that label/stereotype. I can only speak for myself and my close friends I’ve had this discussion with. I’ll venture to say that most folks that enjoy riding like I do share similar outlooks.

I’ve been riding for 20 years. On average, I ride 12,000 miles a year and have for the past five or six years. My experiences have been both awesome and down right bad.

I’ve ridden loads of different motorcycles from exotic to plain jane. I’ve ridden on all kinds of roads, both paved and dirt with and without smooth surfaces. I’ve also ridden in the most extreme weather, including snow and torrential rain. I’ve had days/weeks/months where I would have nary an issue with my ride and I’ve been broken down in the middle of North Dakota in the pouring rain.

There’s two types of riders, those that have gone down and those that will. I’ve been down for the silliest of reasons. I’ve also kept a motorcycle upright in the most demanding of circumstances. I’ve nearly lost a leg, have had brushes with death, and have seen acquaintances and buddies suffer fates much worse.

When the good times are good, they’re really good and when they ain’t so good, they’re still alright.

My old girl and I at Devil's Tower.

My old girl and I at Devil’s Tower.

Let me translate that for you.

I appreciate life. Everyday I can wake up, see, and walk are good days. The fact that I can function at the high level of intelligence us humans have come to take for granted is just a plus. The icing on the cake is that I have friends and family that love me and make me happy.

There’s just so much the average person takes for granted that I appreciate. I’m not saying we shouldn’t work to have all that we want. It’s just that most folks don’t stop working so very hard long enough to appreciate what they have.

There’s an old saying us motorsickle riders use.

Any day above ground is a good day!

And it’s as simple as that.