Today, America won a small victory. But, the war is far from over. We must keep the pressure on. We must oppose universal background checks.

Here’s why.

I hold a DOE “Q” clearance, which means I am cleared to handle weapons grade uranium. I operated reactor plants on submarines in the US Navy. I am delayed nearly every time I buy a firearm. I am part of the 700,000 denials mentioned on the FBI’s NICS page over the last decade. If the federal government can trust me to handle uranium and operate a submarine, why I am not automatically approved to buy a handgun?

Let’s imagine I am a woman with an active stalker. I go to buy a firearm out of fear for my life. I get delayed. My attacker has up to five days to catch me before I “legally” own a gun.

In that case, a background check could cost me my life. More than likely I’ll be raped. Well… at least that’s what statistics tell us.

But, if it keeps JUST ONE criminal from getting a gun… if it saves JUST ONE life, it was all worth it! At least that’s what they tell us. But is it true?

Dr John Lott’s research finds:

In 2010, there were over 76,000 initial denials. But only 44 of those were deemed worthy for prosecution and only 13 individuals were convicted. Even those 13 cases don’t tend to be the “dangerous” criminals Obama claims are being stopped.

Dangerous people who would otherwise be prohibited from buying a gun by a universal background check system don’t go to firearms dealers to buy guns, because they know the government will deny them. They instead go to their local thug friend. A 1991 study referenced in a BJS report, found that 37% of all inmates who possess a gun admitted to stealing or buying them on the black market. That’s all inmates not just the ones who committed a gun crime.

The BJS goes on to say that number is probably low since the information was requested from inmates who may not answer honestly due to fear of additional charges.

What makes someone think Joe Thug is going to do a background check before a transfer?

If background checks won’t keep felons or other dangerous people who want to buy guys from getting them, what good is it? Instead, it could hamper the law abiding citizen’s right to self-defense. Instead of more restriction, why not consider less.

Afterall, if it saves just one life, it was worth it.