Please tell me I am not the only one hearing different versions of class warfare coming from both parties.

The Demokrat party makes no bones about taxing the rich more while the Republikan party is saying “We’re gonna raise taxes on the rich, too. Just less than those guys.” Eventually, the top wage earners, you know the ones who really create jobs and help grow the economy, are going to get tired of being vilified and will just go somewhere else. At the very least, they’ll keep their money and take less risk.

There’s thing called trickle down and it works. It’s simple. These guys use their money to earn more money by investing in production of goods that require labor to produce.

Capitalism is a win/win system. It just is. In fact, when those rich guys invest, the people that win first are the laborers.

What you think is capitalism, the shit they teach you in your big centralized government favoring schools, is not Capitalism. History is written by the victor. They have redefined capitalism. Actually what they have done it bastardized the definition.

The ones that won control of our schools teach us that Capitalism is “an economic system┬áin which┬áinvestment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.” ( They teach us that it is the struggle of the poor powerless worker and the big greedy business owner. They teach us that we need government to protect the worker from the business owner.

It’s this ignorance that has brought us here.

Not only have we bought their bastardized definition, but we’ve also extended this idea of protecting the powerless worker from the greedy business owner to protected the poor and middle class from the rich.

Capitalism is a social political-economic philosophical system based on the principle of individual rights and freewill. ( You keep what you’ve earned and I keep what I have earned. You live how you want and I live how I want. The role of the government is protect our rights as individuals by defending our borders and punishing those that deny us our rights.

It’s actually a very simple concept.

Instead now, we’re blaming everyone else for our problems. We’re engaging in class warfare and vilifying the very people we should be holding up. We don’t believe in ourselves anymore and think the only way we can sustain ourselves is to take from others.

We need someone who can restore our faith in US. We need someone who will unite us to be the great country we once were. What this country really needs is a Reagan.